Small palletizer

Our small palletizers are designed for maximum efficiency and versatility. Fight labour shortages as well.




Easy to use


What our Clients Say About our Products

I know I can count on Enopac if one of my packaging machine is in trouble, they always have a technician near by, or try to solve the issue over the phone

It was our first packaging line and Enopac guided us in the design of the line, and the choice of machinery

Their engineering team helped us determine the right packaging solution for our needs

The client planned for more cells but these turned out more efficient than initially planned.

We love Geosaf conveyors and controls for this entire line.

Questions and Answers

You may have questions about how our palletizers can work for you. Have a glance at our FAQ to find your answer, and if you still have queries, let us know.

Typically, businesses can expect an ROI of 2 years, or less in some cases.

Our small palletizers are more for loads up to 45 kilograms, or 100lbs.

Absolutely, we train your team to change out the gripper quickly. They will also learn how to operate our systems’ multiple functions and adapt them to your needs as they evolve.

Enopac small palletizers are proudly made in Quebec.

Complete Turn-Key Product Lines

Enopac can provide your company with solutions tailored to your requirements. Our product lines adapt to your space and your performance demands.