Markets and Industries for Packaging Solutions

Over the years, Enopac has developed and refined its expertise by servicing multiple industries for fast and efficient packaging solutions.


Our selection of machines and systems are perfectly adapted to the needs of the food and beverage industry. Indeed, we provide a number of solutions including cell refrigeration, tray packing, shrink sleeving and more.

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The beauty and cosmetics industry presents specific requirements, especially the treatment of smaller bottles and containers that can sometimes be more fragile. We can provide the solutions your company’s needs, and tailor our systems to meet your demands.

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Our systems have applications in industrial companies, where requirements are specific and require another level of care. Whereas the previously mentioned categories of companies have small packaging needs, the industrial sector may focus more on storage and palletizing for longer periods. We can meet your needs in any case.

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Questions and Answers

If you have any queries about our business, do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, you may find an answer to your question in the list below.

We historically started Enopac with dairy projects, but our machines can adapt to a wider range of industries

Absolutely ! Our engineering department can develop a custom solution, just for you.

Yes we can, and it’s our specialty. It’s new for you but we have supported dozens of companies at the same stage over the last 3 decades.

Contact us, we might be able to help anyways.

We can act as an outsourced engineering department as well.

What our Clients Say

I know I can count on Enopac if one of my packaging machine is in trouble, they always have a technician near by, or try to solve the issue over the phone

It was our first packaging line and Enopac guided us in the design of the line, and the choice of machinery

Their engineering team helped us determine the right packaging solution for our needs

The client planned for more cells but these turned out more efficient than initially planned.

We love Geosaf conveyors and controls for this entire line.