Automated Packaging Solutions for Every Company

While all manufacturing companies can benefit from our packaging systems, the main industries that we cater for are:

Household Products

Household Products

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our Bespoke Automated Packaging Systems to Fit your Needs

Reach higher levels of output capacity with the use of an intelligently designed system.

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ETPACK SPRINTER Up to 200 packs / min Learn more
ETPACK SPRINTER Up to 140 boxes/mn Learn more
ETPACK SPRINTER Up to 20 cases/mn Learn more
AUTOPACK Up to 15 packs/mn Learn more
AUTOPACK 10 - 17 PACKS/MN Learn more
AUTOPACK 20 - 135 PACKS/MN Learn more
ETPACK SPRINTER Up to 200 packs/mn Learn more
SL-20 Up to 20 packs/mn Learn more
BLM UP TO 150 PACKS/MN Learn more
KMT UP TO 130 PACKS/MN Learn more
FROMFROID UP TO 20°F LOST IN 20 mn Learn more

I know I can count on Enopac if one of my packaging machine is in trouble, they always have a technician near by, or try to solve the issue over the phone

It was our first packaging line and Enopac guided us in the design of the line, and the choice of machinery

Their engineering team helped us determine the right packaging solution for our needs

The client planned for more cells but these turned out more efficient than initially planned.

We love Geosaf conveyors and controls for this entire line.

Why choose Enopac for your automated packaging?

Over the last 30 years, our focus has always been on offering reliable packaging systems that will guarantee reliability and efficiency.


Enopac will help your company with the best bespoke solution and installation of packaging equipment, by which we fit exclusive packaging machines to your needs and warehouse size.

30 years’ experience

We have accumulated decades of experience tailoring installations on supply chains, production lines, packaging lines to industries of every size. We come to you and handle 100% of the installation process.

If anything goes wrong with a packaging machine, or a system needs adjustment, we can reach you within hours. We keep spare parts on hand at all times, further reducing costly downtime in case of malfunction.

Quality of Service

Our engineering teams have the know-how and the experience to bring you the best quality service from the start. After designing and installing the packaging system for your company, you can count on us to properly maintain it, and provide the best solutions in case of malfunction.

Our Values


We’re local and quick to respond to any query or issue.


Our systems are fit for your purposes and needs. Given a problem, we’ll find the best packaging solution.


We’re proud of servicing clients in the region for the past 30 years