Industrial Packaging Equipment

Enopac has a multitude of automated packaging solutions, ranging from palletizers to wrap-around machines.

Complete Industrial Packaging Solutions

Our range of packaging machines can be adapted to the widest variety of industries. Enopac solutions are made to suit your requirements, with a full range of machines designed for – and adaptable to – the packaging your company chooses.

Small manufacturing company

Small manufacturing company

Food companies

Food companies

Beverage companies

Beverage companies

Contract manufacturing companies

Contract manufacturing companies

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Packaging Machines to Meet Your Needs

Enopac has a team of experts and engineers at your disposal to discuss the requirements of your industry. Whatever the type of packaging needed, we have the right machine for you.

If you need to increase your capacity, or adapt to your floor space, our packaging machines can be modified to increase their performance.

Speed might be one metric, but getting the job done efficiently and without glitches is another.

Our machines are built to the utmost standards and guarantee trouble-free packaging.

Our industrial packaging machines are best-in-class and are made with the most robust materials on the market.

Not only will we install the machines, but we will train your staff on how to operate them.

If a problem should arise, their training should resolve the issue. If not, we’re just one phone call away.

Enopac’s Family of Automatic Industrial Packaging Machines

Every company product has its unique specificities, dimensions, and requirements. Our machines can be modified to accommodate new requirements.


Inexpensive way to create promo pack/bundle

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Small palletizer

Palletizing is an essential step towards easier storage and transportation

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Wrap around

Create display ready cases

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Enopac - A machine for every type of product

As an exclusive supplier of packaging equipment, we offer the possibility of modifying our machines to obtain customized results.

Our machines to suit all your needs

Enopac has years of experience in the field of packing system development and installment. Whatever your company requirements may be, we can find the smartest, most efficient solution, while keeping your expenditure on budget.

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ETPACK SPRINTER Up to 200 packs / min Learn more
ETPACK SPRINTER Up to 140 boxes/mn Learn more
ETPACK SPRINTER Up to 20 cases/mn Learn more
AUTOPACK Up to 15 packs/mn Learn more
AUTOPACK 10 - 17 PACKS/MN Learn more
AUTOPACK 20 - 135 PACKS/MN Learn more
ETPACK SPRINTER Up to 200 packs/mn Learn more
SL-20 Up to 20 packs/mn Learn more
BLM UP TO 150 PACKS/MN Learn more
KMT UP TO 130 PACKS/MN Learn more
FROMFROID UP TO 20°F LOST IN 20 mn Learn more

Complete Turn-Key Product Lines

Enopac can provide your company with solutions tailored to your requirements. Our product lines adapt to your space and your performance demands.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Industrial Packaging Machines

You may have questions about how our industrial packaging machines can work for you. Have a glance at our FAQ to find your answer, and if you still have queries, let us know.

We historically started Enopac with dairy projects, but our machines can adapt to a wider range of industries

Absolutely ! Our engineering department can develop a custom solution, just for you.

Yes we can, and it’s our specialty. It’s new for you but we have supported dozens of companies at the same stage over the last 3 decades.

Contact us, we might be able to help anyways.

We can act as an outsourced engineering department as well.

What our Clients Say About our Products

I know I can count on Enopac if one of my packaging machine is in trouble, they always have a technician near by, or try to solve the issue over the phone

It was our first packaging line and Enopac guided us in the design of the line, and the choice of machinery

Their engineering team helped us determine the right packaging solution for our needs

The client planned for more cells but these turned out more efficient than initially planned.

We love Geosaf conveyors and controls for this entire line.