Benefits of a top load packing machine

8 August 2022
benefits of a top loading packign machine

Robotics and flexible packaging are faster, becoming the most preferred packaging methods.

Some of the standard flexible packaging products include pouches and bags. Flexible packaging is favorable to all people from consumers, to manufacturers, and retailers. Flexible packaging is especially appreciated because of its availability in different sizes and shapes, plus the material. It’s easy to fold the material into smaller sizes instead of large packages. Also among the advantages of a top loader case packer is the creative graphics which gives brands the freedom to publicize at no extra cost. Whenever a customer buys their products, the wrapping labeled is free marketing. Environment-wise flexible packaging safeguards the natural surroundings. Finally, the lower shipping costs make it accessible to all business owners. On the other hand, consumers enjoy a packaging material that’s convenient for storage and can be resold.

The packaging industry has embraced robots as part of the production line. In many companies, robots play vital functions such as palletizing, case packing, handling foods, picking items, and placing them.

 Robotics has also helped in managing previously hard-to-handle tasks. For example, it would take time to case package, shrink wrap, and axis manipulation, amongst other tasks. The robotics are also efficient and have minimum chances of mistakes, hence eliminating losses. Robotics cannot wholly replace humans’ ability at work; however, automation and embracing new technology are crucial to accomplish efficiency. A Top loader Case Packer machine has many advantages, but the most important one is increased workplace efficiency.

Enopac Top loader Case Packing Machine

Top loader case packers are the primary machines involved in providing flexible packaging solutions. Enopac, who deals in top loadering and technology on product collation, has enough expertise in creating a seamless integration between machinery, products, and packaging materials, ensuring best-fit case packers.

Our ET PACK top loader system is our best seller and allows you to pack up to 140 boxes / minute but it can adapt its speed to you production needs .

It is multi format and very flexible with easy change over, it  put in volume compact or micro-fluted cardboard, boxes with attached lid or trays, chocolate boxes…

Manual loading with ergonomic loading stations or automatic loading with batch creation possible, final closure by hot melt gluing.

There are many options available, such as the possibility to integrate an inkjet printer, a product control exceeding before closing the lid.

Find our product page here

Our teams will assist you with cardboard developments (design of blanks, easy openings, etc.) in order to guarantee efficient case packing and palletizing.

Please contact us to determine which solution would be best for your business. We’re here to help and can provide a quick, free quote.

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