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1 April 2022

At Enopac, we are proud to be the official integrators of the excellent AUTOPACK machines on Canadian soil. In this article, we go back to the origins of the brand and what makes these automatic packaging machine manufacturers among the best in terms of quality / price / performance. We will also detail the complete range of machines we offer, from automatic case packing to automatic and semi-automatic shrink wrapping, as well as bundling and much more.

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Founded in the 80’s, Autopack now has over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and service of shrink-wrapping and carton packaging machines. To date, they have installed more than 5000 packaging solutions throughout the world, thanks to a wide range of products, from very affordable machines for small and medium outputs to high outputs more suitable for multinational companies.

The sectors concerned and interested by our machines are as numerous, among them we note the different industries :

Flexible – what is flexible packaging ?

The success of the brand is also due to the great flexibility of the machines, which are designed to be adjustable and adaptable to a wide range of products, of different sizes and shapes. Some models are adapted on request, with compact vertical stacking solution, multi-lane infeed or orientation screw for shaped bottles. Autopack machines are configurable to meet your needs, all in compliance with legal requirements. We offer CE, UL (ICP) and UL (FAE) compliance.


The machines are also designed to be as compact as possible. Saving space in your warehouse translates into increased productivity for you and more working space for your operators. We make a special effort to use only the bare minimum of parts needed in manufacturing, as well as parts of simple design, to reduce costs and simplify maintenance. In addition, we have over 400,000 parts in stock in our Montreal, Quebec warehouse to ensure immediate availability.


Offering you high-performance and reliable machines at a contained price is possible, and Autopack does it very well. It starts with the design. Some solutions have a lower manufacturing and maintenance cost than the “obvious” solutions or those considered as “industry standards”; our mission is to find them. For example:

  • Using fewer parts to achieve the same function
  • Using several simple standard parts instead of one complex and expensive part
  • By designing our parts to be easily manufactured and assembled
  • By limiting the use of sophisticated motorizations for example
  • And by making our machines modular rather than application specific.


All Autopack machines undergo quality assurance testing prior to delivery and acceptance testing following a specific protocol after installation. They are designed and proven to be durable and easy to maintain at low cost. They are also equipped with physical, electrical and programming safeguards to reduce the risk of accidents and damage. Finally, Autopack machines comply with local regulations and international safety standards.

An analysis can be provided upon request (Option).


At Enopac, we are proud to collaborate with Autopack for its many shared values. Indeed, the company participates for example in the economic development of many countries, by creating value to lift people out of poverty or to facilitate the economic development of its customers. This includes:

  • Develop skills through training and experience.
  • Pay employees a fair wage.
  • Helping employees finance their homes.
  • Making affordable packaging machines for developing countries, or low-cost lines that are expensive to automate.
  • Maintaining affordable market prices for the function

Autopack takes great care to ensure the well-being of all employees by :

  • Ensuring that all employees have a safe working environment and fair working conditions.
  • Providing recreational activities, sports and exercise equipment.
  • Organizing field trips for all employees several times a year.


Shrinkwrapper SLO-CMOS

Discover the complete file of this product on our site here

You are looking for an industrial shrink wrap machine ?

Shrink wrapping machine with continuous shrink film without seal with screw orientation at the infeed for shaped bottles. This small shrink wrap machine can also handle other types of containers, such as cans, jars, cases or pill boxes. Thanks to its continuous operation, speeds of up to 130 packs/min in tri-track can be achieved. This high speed, stainless steel and compact solution makes it ideal for secondary packaging pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

  • speed up to 45 cycles/min, i.e. 135 packs/min in 3 lane operation
  • in-line or 90 degree exit as desired
  • seamless principle for printed and marked film passage
  • infeed with orientation / pitch screw
  • ideal for the passage of shaped vials / bottles
  • easy to operate and easy to change the format
  • Probably the most powerful “seamless” industrial shrink wrap system with classic motorization on the market!

In case you were wondering what is shrink wrapping, the heat shrink wrap machine is composed of 2 modules:

1 – The shrink-wrapping module allowing the grouping of the upper and lower film around the product batch
Entry: single or multiple lane to be defined according to the desired rate, entry of the products on the left or right: to be specified according to factory constraints.
Adjustable machine infeed from 800 to 930mm
Motorized film feeding
Welding by heating bar
PID temperature controller integrated in the SIEMENS PLC – SEMENS S7-1200 PLC
Display SIEMENS KTP700. Position of the display on the left or right side to be specified
Pneumatic components: FESTO
Detection: OMRON and proximity sensor
Finish: stainless steel protections and casings: 6 mm thick in transparent polycarbonate and stainless steel

2 – The film shrinking module is composed of :
Stainless steel oven
SIEMENS motorized conveyor with DANFOSS speed controller
Heating by heating resistances controlled by static relays
PID temperature controller integrated in the SIEMENS PLC
Adjustable machine infeed and outfeed height
Outfeed by free roller conveyor of 750mm length
Finish : stainless steel
Documentation supplied: 1 operator manual in French and 1 technical documentation in English. The technical documentation includes electrical and pneumatic diagrams.

Manufacture in accordance with CE standards and supply of CE certificate
Power supply: 380 V + N + T (5 cables) / 50Hz
Compressed air: minimum 6 bar, hose diameter 10mm
Consumption: electrical: 6KW and pneumatic: 9Nm3/hour
HMI: Allen Bradley Panel View 800

Discover the complete file of this product on our site here

Technical data sheet

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CZH-CUH wrap-around case packer

Discover the complete file of this product on our site here

Reduce your costs compared to RSC type American cases and switch to a more efficient and economical wrap around solution. This highly flexible and ergonomic machine allows you to change the size of the pre-formed box in a few minutes and with ease, for a perfect packaging of your customized product, compared to a less practical and more expensive RSC case.

This 4-station sequential packer with side transfer loading (horizontal assembly with side loading). This very compact machine is available in classic in-line and inverted versions and can be installed in all lines for speeds up to 20 trays/minute. You want to know how to wrap a tray ? The CZH automatically collates and loads products, forms a case or tray from a pre-formed cardboard sheet and uses a Nordson hot melt glue system to perfectly seal the case or tray. It can handle different product shapes such as cans, bottles, cartons, …

  • speed up to 20 trays/minute.
  • asynchronous motorization
  • pneumatic or mechanical loading
  • compact, up to 15% less floor space required
  • low and full height trays
  • full wrap option available
  • Allen Bradley controls
  • Nordson hot melt gluing system
  • Durable and reliable, stainless steel construction

The Autopack CZH series tray / case erecting machines can be integrated with an Autopack shrinkwrapper to provide a turnkey solution for palletizing and distribution.

It can be used with Autopack SIM or SIT shrinkwrappers, or other multi-pack shrinkwrappers, to create a complete end-of-line packaging solution. You can contact us for a free quote for a complete custom installation.

Popular options

  • Feeding with product separator
  • Product stabilizer
  • Product stacking
  • Finger and head pusher
  • High edge trays and complete envelopes

Discover the complete file of this product on our site here

Technical data sheet

Tray packer / CLM tray packer

Discover the complete file of this product on our site here

It is a fully automated tray packing machine, the machine is designed for in-line operation with other Autopack packaging equipment, forming a complete end-of-line packaging solution. You can contact us for a free quote for an installation adapted to your needs.

From a pre-cut but not folded tray, the machine will group the products and load them into the tray, the machine will then fold the sides and glue them automatically. The tray is then sent to a film shrink wrapping machine, where a shrink film sleeve is applied. Its maximum output is about 20 trays / min.

Like the CZH wrap-around case packer, the CLM also uses a Nordson high-performance hot melt adhesive system.

  • speeds up to 20 trays/minute.
  • Cardboard tray wrapping machine
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Speed up to 20 trays / min
  • Flight bar pusher
  • Integrated control
  • User friendly HMI
  • Hot melt gluing system


  • Infeed with product separator
  • Package turning device
  • Product stabilizer
  • Full package detection with camera

Discover the complete file of this product on our site here

Technical data sheet


You will have understood that the Autopack range is very wide, and perfectly combines quality, efficiency and affordability. And if we have presented you here the main solutions that we integrate, this list is not exhaustive and many solutions likely to interest you are also available on request.

We invite you to contact us now so that we can establish with you, free of charge, a customized quote that will perfectly meet your needs in terms of packaging automation.

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