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23 December 2022

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Our goal at Enopac is to provide you with complete automated packaging solutions that will increase the efficiency of your operations from the outset to the end of your manufacturing line. Regardless of the type of packaging you need, we offer a wide range of machinery that can be tailored to all types of products, including food (cans, plastic or glass bottles, yogurts, prepared meals, etc.), cosmetics (creams, skincare products, etc.), industrial items, and other commodities (plastic or cardboard).

palettisation enopac

Our automated palletizing system, which we will detail in this article, is installed at the end of the production line and allows you to easily select, transfer, and load boxes of goods or products at higher speeds.

We’ve built a unique machine that integrates the latest market technologies to guarantee efficiency, precision, profitability, and reliability.

palettiseur enopac automatique machine

What does a palletizer do ?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose this machine for your organization. Nevertheless, you have multiple options when it comes to packaging your items and storing them in pallets before shipping and selling them.

The first option, which is often used for limited production capacity, is to employ one or more operators who will complete this work by hand, a process known as manual stacking. This task is exhausting, slow, and can result in long-term injuries or irreversible lesions in your staff, not to mention human errors such as incorrect sorting, breakage, and so on.

The second option, which is more rational when you produce a fairly large volume or want to increase the company’s efficiency in numbers, is to automate this time-consuming job by selecting an automatic palletizer.

You are probably confused by the different types of palletizers, maybe you heard crazy things like “high speed robotic palletizer”, “automatic robot palletizing system” or “fully automatic robotic palletizing system” : is it like pick and place robots ? What exactly is automated ? Okay, it is pick and place automation, but what is left for me and my employees to do ?

Palletizer machines are divided into four categories: in-line palletizers, high-level palletizers, low-level palletizers, and robotic palletizers, which are the most advanced.

Within each product category there are sub-groups, not to mention the many types of pallets (GMA, CHEP, PECO, …) or specific conveyors, which makes the range of systems available on the market extremely vast and vague for you who are looking for the solution that meets the needs of your business.

We are here to help you find and / or design a custom solution that will fit precisely to your demand, according to your production volume and budget. Do not hesitate to contact us now so that we can establish a free quote with you.

palletizer enopac automatic robotic
ENO-2 automatic palletizer

Our best-selling palletizing option is the ENO-2 robot palletizer system shown on our website. We’ve examined all of the machines currently on the market so you can choose the best. Our robotic palletizer has the significant benefit of providing unrivaled versatility at a low cost.

This module is indeed quite small and will easily fit into your warehouse. It’s also adaptable, letting you swiftly shift formats.

palettizer enopac automatique paletization

This extremely accurate and reliable robotic arm will be capable of moving loads up to 100 kg (220 lbs). It can handle pallets measuring up to 6’8″ x 8″ (203 cm x 243 cm) on the floor and 70″ (177 cm) in height.

It will be able to work autonomously and create up to 20 packages, cases, or buckets every minute without the need for an operator. Its design and structure make it a high-quality, long-lasting product that reflects our principles & standards. It features a PLC control and an Allen Bradley HMI, as well as a stainless steel finish and 600V operation (also available in 480V and 230V).

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Contact us now so that we can find together the solution of automatic palletizer which is appropriate to you, fast and free quote.

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